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deleted scene from thor 2

OTAKU HOUSE CONTEST: please help me win the final round!



Hello my dear followers!


It’s time, the Otaku House contest goes to the final round and YOU can help me win! It would mean the world to me, a lot of people are already ahead! (great cosplayers, OMG!) - so now I need YOU and all the votes you can spare! please help me once…



I finally caught the whole thing!

I don’t even know what it’s advertising… but I want it.

Called IT!

Loki Where He Shouldn't Be

Thor 2 SPOILER from new featurette


Jane - Loki - #Seeeekrits…

Spoilers below cut…

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request →Loki in the comics compared to Tom Hiddleston's Loki

(Source: aliceisnotokay)

cos’Loki : Mistress of darkness by *illuscarymono

cos’Loki : Mistress of darkness by *illuscarymono

Loki // 99 Problems.

(Source: thorduna)

Loki by =elitecosplay

Loki by =elitecosplay

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